What is the Nomad?

The Nomad is a satchel for creatives who roam.

It makes sketching anywhere painless.

Welcome, fellow creative! I’m Darren, the creator of the Nomad and a professional artist who likes to sketch. A lot. It’s a daily ritual that sharpens my creative thinking, hones my dexterity and recharges my creative stores. Sketching away from my studio is especially rewarding to me – I reconnect with the ebb & flow of the outside world, feel more inspired and engage perspectives that are missing from Google image search.

Picking up your drawing pad, walking out your front door and sketching under a tree until the sun hangs low on the horizon and burns the sky red…it’s a deliciously simple idea isn’t it? Well yes…in theory. But, if you’ve done your share of on-the-go sketching, you’ll know this simple act is often encumbered by specific challenges that aren’t addressed by generic satchels:

  • Lack of adequate weather proofing
  • Fishing for lost tools in the bottom of your bag
  • Arm fatigue from holding a sketchbook for long periods
  • Finding your sketchbook and a clean page
  • Sitting in awkward postures to draw
  • Poor quality and unappealing design

With these hurdles, it’s no surprise we don’t choose to leave the desk more often to sketch, because in short: it’s a proverbial pain-in-the-backside…but it doesn’t need to be.

From online retailers to physical stores, I’ve searched long and hard for a satchel that suited my sketching needs. I wanted something that was high quality, weather-proofed and specifically designed to make the sketching process less awkward whether I was standing or sitting. My search turned out to be fruitless and it quickly dawned on me that I would never find the bag I was searching for. If I ever wanted to sketch painlessly…I would have to be the one to build the sketching satchel of my dreams.

After a year of research, development and testing, the Nomad is my answer to the question: how can I sketch more easily, wherever I decide to go? And thanks to the generosity and patience of the Nomad Kickstarter Backers, the Nomad is now a reality.

May your feet and imagination roam far and wide…so that you may sketch there.

Darren Yeow
Nomad Creator

How Does It Help You?

How does the Nomad solve my sketching problems?


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This is what it looks like!

Sleek Design

Weather Proofed

Tripod Mode

Dedicated Tripod Plate

Misc Pocket

Tablet Pocket

Weather Proofed

Flexible Design

Rubberized Straps

Rubberized Straps

Flexible Orientation

The Nomad Brand


How much is it?

Our retail price will be US$120 + variable shipping cost, depending on your location and type of shipping you’d like.

Does it come with the tripod?

No, there are already many excellent and affordable tripods in the creative marketplace – developing our own would have been prohibitively expensive and bring very little specialised value to the marketplace, unnecessarily driving up production costs and risk. I can recommend Manfrotto as professional level tripods, and Velbon tripods for more affordable alternatives – I have one of each and they fantastic.

How large is it?

30cm x 35cm x 7cm or 11.8in x 13.8in x 2.8in

Will it fit a Wacom Cintiq Companion?

No, the Companion is a very heavy piece of equipment, too large and significantly more expensive than any other product that would otherwise go into the Nomad. From a user experience stand point, I would have to significantly alter the form factor and function of the Nomad to accommodate the Companion. We have no firm plans to work on a product specifically for the Companion.

How much does it weigh?

On average 1.5kg with tools and a pad.

What is the largest pad this can hold?

width: 26.67cm or 10.5in height: 30.48cm or 12.0in

An A4 sized pad is a fantastic size for the satchel.

Will there be other sizes?

Possibly in the future.

Will there be other colors?

Possibly in the future.

Does ‘Water-resistant’ mean that it’s ‘Water-proof’?

No, water-resistant is not the same as water-proof.

Water-proofing is achieved by ultrasonically welding plastic panels together to create a watertight membrane – an extremely expensive undertaking that would likely triple or quadruple the price of the Nomad if used for it’s manufacture.

Water-resistance means that the item has a higher likelihood of keeping your possessions dry.

The ballistic nylon covering the entire outer surface of the Nomad is not water-resistant and will absorb moisture, but the rubber backing behind it is water resistant to reduce the likelihood that any moisture will enter the internal compartments. The zips are also water resistant and has integrated water-resistant matte zip-tape covering.

Together, they work to greatly minimise moisture entering the internal compartments and damaging your belongings and art – but is only a stop-gap measure between zipping up the Nomad and finding shelter.

Who is the team behind the Nomad?

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Creator of the Nomad and a professional artist for the past 10 years. He loves to sketch. A lot.
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